Family support and parenting

Being a mum, dad or carer is probably the hardest job there is. It's often pleasurable and rewarding, but there are also times when it can feel exhausting, stressful, frustrating and overwhelming. The added pressures of life today can sometimes make parenthood feel difficult and isolating. The following sections will give you some useful information on the support there is available for families and parents.

Parenting support

For information on: the different stages of parenting, parenting courses available in York, top tips and useful contact information.

Family support

For information on: bereavement, bullying, family learning, working with children, relationships and sexual health and social networks.

Shared parental leave

Shared Parental Leave came into force on 1st December 2014 and gives parents greater flexibility in how they care for their child in its first year.

Family Focus

The Family Focus Programme is delivered by the City of York Council. The Family Focus Team supports families with a variety of needs. Our aim is to coordinate services for families, to provide the best quality of help for your family.

Children in Need Service

We work with parents and carers who have agreed with their child’s Social Worker that the Child in Need Service might be able to help. If this is something which you are thinking about we hope that this webpage answers some of your questions about how we can support you.

Family Early Help (FEHA and CAF)

Sometimes, you or your children may need extra support. This may be before your children are born, when very young, or throughout school. There is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help. Early help supports you to recognise what's going well for you, where you may benefit from extra help, and who will lead this. This might be known as Family Early Help Assessment (FEHA) or Common Assessment (CAF). Someone working with your family might mention completing a FEHA or a CAF to help your family.



York Family Information Service

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