Shared Foundation Partnerships

Childcare Hub Childminder case studyChildcare Hub Childminder case studyChildcare Hub Childminder case study

  •  Are well established and embedded networks across the city made up of early years providers from each sector - schools, childminders, private day nurseries, pre-school playgroups and out of school clubs.
  • Have a focus on a continuous and seamless quality of Early Years education for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds before they start full time formal education.
  • Meet together to support the care and education needs of families in the local area.

The hubs are very similar to the partnerships, but have slightly extended areas of focus, taking partnership working to the next level – they identify improved ways of working which are then shared with all partnerships.

They are currently 3 hubs across the city, Dragonfishers hub (Fishergate), Ebor hub (Strensall) and Haxby Road hub (4Family).

A childminder has recently written a case study highlighting the benefits of hub/partnership working. (Attached under Useful documents).

Partnership principles

To ensure a common focus and shared agenda, the partnerships and hubs support the following basic principles:

  • Seamless transitions - supporting effective seamless transitions for children as well as other aspects such as ensuring consistent moderation and accurate assessment between providers.
  • Quality Learning and Development - exploring and identifying actions for all partners to contribute to improving children’s learning and development.
  • Sharing of information, resources & training.
  • Supporting vulnerability.
  • Development and expansion of places - assessing demand for childcare places within a locality to determine whether there is unmet demand and hence a need for the additional provision, this includes funded 2-year-old places.
  • Blended Childcare – developing wraparound provision from 8am – 6pm to support working parents /carers.
  • Inclusion - Working with York Parent Carer Forum & Contact a family, local and national charities which support parents/carers of children & young people who have a disability or additional needs, to help identify specific local issues and look at ways of resolving the issues to ensure fully inclusive partnerships and hubs across city.

Research links

The partnerships have been the focus of three independent research evaluations – two national and one local, all looking at how stages of partnership development and later the good features and proficiency of individual partnerships. Links to the research can be found below:

  • Local evaluations of York Shared Foundation Partnerships 2003 & 2010 (attached under useful documents)
  • University of Oxford – Wraparound care pilots 2004 (attached under useful documents)

They have also been taken as an example of Early Years System Leadership by the National College for Teaching and Leadership following research by Professor Iram Siraj, University of London. (Attached under Useful documents).

Nominated SENCO & QTS

Each partnership should have a nominated SENCO and QTS whose main role is to coordinate & lead on implementation of best practice;

    • With the nominated QTS focusing on improved Learning and Development and
    • The nominated SENCO focusing on SEND inclusion and vulnerable groups.

The nominated leads should attend termly network events and feed back to their partnerships with key messages & updates on changes in legislation and policy developments relevant to these areas.

Partnership Development

Areas of consideration for further partnership development:

  • Develop a partnership brand – have a logo recognised by parents so they can associate all settings within a hub. To use on partnership literature, websites etc.
  • York Childcare Finder (formerly Widget) - a device which links the websites of all of the individual settings within a partnership. This then allows parents to search for childcare within a set radius (which can be determined locally, for example a 1 mile radius). This information is maintained through a central hub by the Family Information Service. Providers only need to update their information through FIS and the web page will automatically update itself with the latest information each time a parent/carer clicks on the link the page is loaded. An Information Sheet providing further details on the York Childcare Finder can be found under useful documents.
  • Reviewing /extending membership - partnerships are encouraged to review their existing membership and where appropriate, look to widen to other early years providers including childminders and out of school clubs , their local children’s centre and partner agencies including health visitors.

Shared Foundation Partnerships Information/ Training Sessions

We will  host  information sessions in the main Local Area Team areas across the city twice yearly. We encourage as many members of Shared Foundation Partnerships as possible to attend any of the sessions on offer.

It is hoped that the evening session will support more childminders to attend if they are unable to attend the day sessions. Information Sessions will be held:

Monday 19 February 2018  18:30-20:30  Venue: Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School

Tuesday 20 February 2018  9:30-11:30  Venue: David Lloyd Centre, Hull Road

Wednesday 21 February 2018  13:0-15:00  Venue: tbc


  • What's new?  Information updates
  • SEND updates
  • Moderation - Myth busting and sharing good practice, presentation from Ben Greene
  • Discussion and networking opportunities 

To book a place on the training, please email or book via the website  Alternatively you can phone on 01904 553017

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