Top tips for communication

The Show Me That I Matter panel have developed ten top tips for practitioners to communicate with children and young people. You can download these from this page as well in a handy little sheet that you can print out and learn off by heart.

  1. Ask us where we would like to see you and how often – some children and young people might like to see you often so they can get to know you, others only when they need to.
  2. Listen to us – if we want something and it can’t happen, make sure we understand why.
  3. Help us to feel comfortable enough to talk to you – we’ve got to meet lots of different professionals and it can be hard.
  4. Please turn up when you say you will – we know you will be busy but we feel let down if you are late or don’t turn up. 
  5. Answer your phone calls – and if you’re not around please get back to us soon.
  6. Respect how we are feeling, even if it doesn’t seem major to you.
  7. Get to know us and show us you are really interested in us.
  8. Always do what you tell us you are going to, and never promise something you might not be able to do.
  9. Be there for us when we need you.
  10. Don’t tell everyone everything - respect our confidentiality whenever this is possible.


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