What is a Local Area Team

Local Area Teams (LAT) are a key part of York’s early help response to working with children, young people and families from pregnancy through to adulthood (the 0-19yrs (25yrs for disability) agenda). A Local Area Team (LAT) is a multi-agency team covering one of three defined geographical areas of York. The purpose of a Local Area Team is:

  • To prevent the escalation of needs which may require, if not addressed, statutory, complex and costly interventions at a later point.
  • To reduce inequality of outcomes for our communities across York.

Local Area Teams are not just a set of council services. They are multi-agency and bring together all partners in a local area that exist in the lives of children, young people and families. This way Local Area Teams can bring together the full power of our communities to address need and build resilience.

  • We will look to provide meaningful support to the children and young people’s workforce so they can play their role in early help.
  • The support we offer is proportionate and escalates according to need.
  • When considering if we are the best people to work directly with children, young people and families we will consider need vs cost (financial / social risk of doing nothing) vs the capacity of others.
  • Where we are the ones leading work directly we will always look to build the capacity of others to lead / support those needs in the future.

PLEASE NOTE - Local Area Teams are currently in development. If you have a concern about a child or young person please follow the existing process.

Useful documents


Local Area Teams Information Service (formerly York FIS)

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