Planning your future

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Planning your future can be tricky, but hopefully we can help make it a bit easier..

First of all, you need to think about what is right for you. Your interests, hobbies, favourite school subjects, skills and personal qualities, experiences, voluntary work and work experience can all help with figuring out what career or job is right for you.

There are some free online resources that can help to generate ideas, identifying some of your skills and interests and how they might link into certain careers. Here are a few of them:

The world of work

Do you have an understanding of the world of work and how it is changing?

People are likely to change jobs on average 11 times in their lives and this figure is growing. There is also a big mismatch in the UK between what young people want to do and current vacancies. There are so many new and exciting jobs out there that you may never have heard of: ethical hacker... landscape scientist... energy engineer... 

Labour market intelligence (LMI) is information about what kinds of jobs are available now, skills shortages and information about what might happen in the jobs market in the future. This information is really useful for you to consider when thinking about your future plans. Find information on National LMI, Yorkshire LMI and York LMI...

Top tips..

Get Advice!

Speak to as many people as you can, parents, teachers, careers or transition staff in school or college, employers and friends. They can all help with your decision making.

Research, research, research.

What do you know about different careers and the pathways into them? Would they suit you? What are essential or useful subjects for that career? Check out these websites that give you lots of information about almost any career you can think of.