LMI in the UK

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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers are popular in the UK and throughout the world, and are likely to grow. Careers in these areas are usually well paid compared with other sectors.

Language skills

Being able to speak a foreign language is very useful, and there is a shortage of young people in the UK who can do so. Good skills in the English language are important too! The need for a range of language skills is likely to increase in the future.


There is a big increase in self-employment, and also in people who combine more than one job and project type work (sometimes called portfolio working).

Value of skills

The higher your level of qualification, the more opportunities there will be for you and you are more likely to be in employment and be well paid. At the same time good 'employability' skills are very important. Reliability, timekeeping, flexiblity and communications skills can be as important to an employers as qualifications.

Further information

The national careers service has useful information on the opportunities and trends of careers you might be considering. See national and regional data on the job profiles section.