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Why volunteer?

To learn and develop new skills

Volunteering can help you gain a whole range of life skills. The skills you learn and develop while volunteering may help with your future job prospects, as you can apply your volunteering experience to different job roles.

To meet new people

Socialising is a huge part of life, and you can meet a whole range of people through volunteering. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to interact with people in a professional manner, as well as in a social manner.

To feel good!

You can get a lot of self satisfaction from volunteering. When you are giving up some of your free time to help others and you're making a difference, you should feel great about yourself!

To help your community

Some communities rely on volunteers to help run certain activities and services, so local services and residents will really value your voluntary input in helping the community.

To gain experience

You may need to have certain experience when applying for a job, and volunteering is a great way to get that experience. It shows an employer you've taken the initiative.

What to think about?

If you decide to volunteer, you should do something you will enjoy and something which makes you happy. If you're volunteering to gain specific experience, you should do your research on the volunteering opportunities available so that you choose the right volunteering for you.

National organisations

Volunteering site for 16–25 year olds
National database for young people wanting to volunteer
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Volunteering is part of this award, which you may be able to get involved in through school, college, or youth club.
Think Big
Think Big offer funding, support and training to young people aged 13 to 25 who have an idea for a project or want to join a project that will improve their local community.