Young Inspectors

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What is Young Inspectors?

Young Inspectors is a small group of young people who inspect and report on services in York. They work as a team to go out and investigate services in various ways, through visits, interviews with staff members, and even 'mystery shopping' services. They then make suggestions for improvement and put together a report of their findings and outcomes. The main aim is to make services better for everyone, particularly for the young people in York.

Although inspecting services is the aim, young people get much more out of the group. You get to build great friendships, have the support of adults, learn skills such as interviewing and report writing, and have fun! You won't always have an inspection on, so part of meeting each week also involves learning skills to help with future inspections as well as other activities that will help and support you. By being part of the group, you will have access to the advice and support of the adults, as well as a good group of friends who will have similar experiences to you.

How to become a Young Inspector

Young Inspectors have to be 13 years of age of above. To become a Young Inspector, young people have to be referred by somebody, for example a social worker, youth worker or teacher. Once a young person is part of the group they will be trained before doing any inspections.

If you would like more information about Young Inspectors or would like to make a referral, please contact Jennie Noble: or 01904 552602.

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