Annual reports

Since 2010 Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB) are required to publish annual reports outlining the work of LSCB over the past year.  To find out more about the CYSCB and the progress we've made against the objectives we've set ourselves please use the links below:

The 2016/17 CYSCB Annual Report  and Annual Report Executive Summary 2016-17

The 2015/16 CYSCB Annual Report Executive Summary and full 2015/16 CYSCB Annual Report

The 2014/15 CYSCB Annual Report Executive Summary and the full 2014/15 CYSCB Annual Report

The 2013/14 CYSCB Annual Report (consisting of the Annual Report and separate Reference Document and an Executive Summary)

The 2012/13 CYSCB Annual Report 

The 2011/12 CYSCB Annual Report

CYSCB also publishes a version of the Annual Report, produced by young people for young people:

The 2016/17 CYSCB Annual Report - Young People's version