Log your outcomes

By filling in this form you are agreeing to this information to be published on the YorOK website, however, all names will be removed and anonymity will be respected. 

Entries which do not give a clear Outcome, which are too long and detailed and/or which contain too many spelling or grammatical errors will not be included within the monthly reports.

How will this information be used?

The information about outcomes will be shared across the YorOK partnership and with City of York Children's Safeguarding Board. Outcome reports will be used:

  • to inform planning on how to achieve outcomes in specific areas;
  • to inform the various annual reports on specific programmes/ initiatives;
  • to review and improve our own processes;
  • as evidence for inspections.

How are we expected to use it?

Each Outcome needs to demonstrate how we are meeting the priorities of Dream Again - York's Children and Young People's Plan. We will be having a specific push to collect outcomes during designated weeks of the year but forms can be submitted at any time. Managers may find it useful to use the form regularly at team meetings, as part of their performance management as well as at specific review times.

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