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Babies and Pregnancy


This page is dedicated to providing resources in relation to babies and also pregnancy.

Sudden Infant Death in Infancy (SUDI)

The The North Yorkshire and York Child Death Overview Panel has created a new Sudden and Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) Prevention One Minute Guide for Professionals, please take a look and share with your colleagues.    

ICON - Babies Cry, You Can Cope Programme

Within the parents & carer section of the CYSCP website you will find information in relation to ICON – Babies Cry, You Can Cope programme supports parents and carers manage normal infant crying and to prevent abusive head trauma injuries to babies caused by shaking, also referred to as ‘shaken baby syndrome’.

Safer Sleep for Babies

At the CYSCP and NYSCP we are always looking to develop new resources to engage parents and carers.  Within the parents & carer section of the NYSCP website you can now find a Caring for your Baby page with information about ICON Babies Cry, You Can Cope programme and Safer Sleep for Babies with lots of useful information and resources.

If you or your colleagues work with parents and carers of young babies, please share with them.  

CYSCP Resources

The CYSCP have produced a number of resources in relation to prebirth and babies.  The following is available:

Learning from Practice

The CYSCP have published some 7 point briefings in relation to babies and these can be found on the Learning and Development webpage

Pre-Verbal Voice

This area is under development.

Engagement with Fathers

The City of York Council Principal Social Worker, Dallas Frank has written a useful blog regarding 'Engagement with Fathers'.  For this and lots of other useful information please visit the Blog section of the Systemic Practice webpage.