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This page contains all the CYSCP Tools, Procedures, Guidance and Forms you will need to help you as a professional.

Child Protection Procedures

CYSCP Procedure for Child Protection Conferences and Core Group Meetings

The Report for Child Protection Conference can be found on the CYSCP Forms page.

CYSCP Practice Guidance and Procedures

Please see our CYSCP Practice Guidance page for all multi-agency guidance.

Please see below all CYSCP Procedures:

Children and Young People displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) NEW October 2020

Children who go Missing from Home or Care: Joint Protocol

Non-recent, Organised and Complex Abuse Procedure NEW October 2020


Please visit the CYSCP Forms page for all Multi-agency Forms.

One Minute Guides

This page has all our One Minute Guides which contain useful information available for download.


This page contains all CYSCP Strategy documents.


This page contains all CYSCP Tools