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Learning and Development

Safeguarding training

All practitioners and volunteers working with children, young people and their families and carers should keep up to date with relevant safeguarding training.  Click on the links below to find details of safeguarding children training available in York.



City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership (CYSCP) Training and E-learning 

Which training is right for my role?

This document provides an overview of the CYSCP training courses and which training is appropriate for different staff groups


Multi-agency training

Details of CYSCP's multi-agency training courses including how to book a place.



Details of CYSCP's City of York Safeguarding Children Awareness e-learning course.


Child Death Review training

Details of Child Death Review training available to York practitioners.


Training, Learning and Development Strategy

Our strategy sets out how CYSCP delivers and evaluates training and learning.


Safeguarding training from local partners

Physiological Wellbeing: The biology behind too much stress

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a particularly challenging time for practitioners from many organisations.  Following positive feedback from a recent multi-agency session on stress run by Sgt. Dr. Zöe Billings from North Yorkshire Police, a further three workshops have now been arranged. These are open to any practitioners working in York.

We often talk about anxiety and mental ill health, but we rarely link them to the biological signs and effects of chronic stress.

This session explains some of the common biological effects when stress reaches a tipping point, so you can learn to:

  • listen to what your body is telling you
  • help your body and mind return to a healthier state

This session will be hosted by Sgt. Dr. Zöe Billings, from North Yorkshire Police.

16 March – 9.45am to 11.00am

18 March – 9.45am to 11.00am

19 March – 1.45pm to 3.00pm

**Please note that the advertised start time for these sessions is 15mins in advance, to allow people to log onto Zoom in plenty of time

To book or find out more go to and search for the course title.  Click "sign up" next to the session you require.  If you don't already have a MyLO account please register following the instructions on the right hand side of the login screen. 


Early Help (including Family Early Help Assessment) training

For details about training and support on Early Help and Family Early Help Assessment (FEHA) please contact the Local Area Teams 

E-learning from other providers

E-learning from other providers

This is a list of free e-learning on safeguarding topics which are available from other providers. City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership does not host, endorse or have any responsibility for these external courses.