National News and Guidance


Working Together 2018 - Working Together 2018 was published by the DfE in March 2015 and updated in 2018. The guidance is addressed to all practitioners and managers who have particular responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, and to senior and operational managers in organisations that are responsible for commissioning or providing services to children, young people, parents and carers.

Statutory guidance for local authorities - children missing education (CME) new guidance from September 2016 - Guidance setting out the key principles to enable local authorities to implement their legal duty under section 436A of the Education Act 1996 to make arrangements, as far as it is possible to do so, children missing education.

Statutory guidance on children missing from home and care - Guidance setting out the steps local authorities and their partners should take to prevent children from going missing and to protect them when they do go missing.

'If only someone had listened' - Children's Commissioner's Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in gangs and groups.

Twitter feeds for Local Safeguarding Boards from around the UK

Improve Your Practice - guides to various issues including Governing for Children - A guide to governance for the children, young people and families voluntary and community sector.

Information sharing - A variety of guides and tools provided by the Department for Education intended for all practitioners who work with children or young people, employed or volunteers, working in the public, private or voluntary sectors.

Keeping children safe from sex offenders - A Home Office guide for the public answering concerns about sex offenders living in the community. The guide, covering common misconceptions about sex offender, how child sex offenders are managed, what information can and can't be accessed about sex offenders and how to report concerns.

Modern Slavery - Home Office information about the government's work to end modern slavery, including details about how to refer victims into the national referral mechanism (NRM). Also see the Modern Slavery Helpline.

NSPCC Research Reports - Findings from research carried out by the NSPCC including:

- Spotlight on preventing child neglect

- Putting the spotlight on Child Sexual Abuse

- Domestic Abuse in the spotlight

The Munro Review of child protection - final report - Following the election of the Coalition Government in May 2010, the then Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, appointed Professor Eileen Munro of the London School of Economics to conduct an independent review of children's social work and front line child protection practice.

TriX briefings - A wide range of informative policy briefings relating to child safeguarding.

Multi-agency Practice Guidelines: Female Genital MutilationGovernment's guidance on responding to female genital mutilation published in 2014.