CYSCP E-learning

City of York Safeguarding Children Awareness E-learning

There is a new online CYSCP Safeguarding Basic Awareness Course.  See details below.

Message for course learners of the previous  Online Safeguarding Basic Awareness course

From 1 June 2019 the previous Online Safeguarding Basic Awareness course is no longer available. 

Please be aware that NO individual training records or history or personal details have been kept from this previous course. 

Please see the information below for accessing the new course.


City of York Safeguarding Children Awareness E-learning

April 2019: An updated course is now available from MyLO.  Full details and how to access the course are provided here.

Who is the course for?

It is aimed for individuals in organisations and voluntary groups who work with children and young people, families or adults who may be parents and/or carers, in York. 

(The content of this course is only relevant to those people working within City of York safeguarding procedures and processes. If you do not work or volunteer with children and young people and/ or their families or carers in the City of York area, City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership (CYSCP) reserves the right to charge for the use of this course. Your local Safeguarding Partnership can advise you about training available relevant to your local area.)

Learning objectives

After completing the course you will:

    • Be able to identify the signs and indicators of possible abuse and neglect
    • Be able to explain and demonstrate what to do if:
      • a child or young person makes a disclosure to you
      • you have a concern about a child or young person or about someone who works with children and young people
    • Be able to explain how to make a referral to Children's Social Care in York.

Tips for completing the e-learning

  • You can take the course on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.
  • The course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.
  • You need to view and click on all the interactive content to complete the course fully.
  • You can exit the course at any time and it will save your progress.
  • There is a knowledge test at the end of the course which you need to pass.  You can resubmit your answers more than once.

Repeating the course

It is recommended you repeat this course every 3 years or earlier if needed.  If you have completed the previous version of this course (Online Basic Safeguarding Awareness), there is no requirement to complete this new version any earlier than you would normally do so, but you may wish to refresh your knowledge. The content will be updated as necessary to take account of local and national policy changes.

How do I access the course?

The course is accessed through the MyLO system at Workforce Development Unit (WDU) City of York Council at If you do not already have a MyLO login please follow the instructions on the login page.

Once you have passed the course, you will be able to access a certificate which indicates you have completed the course. This is a certificate of completion, not a certificate of qualification.

If you have any queries regarding this course please contact

Further training

Depending on your role, this may be the only level of training you need, although some people will need further training.

Details of multi-agency training provided by the City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership (CYSCP) can be found here.