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Understanding the terms used

You may hear words and phrases that you don’t understand so here are some terms we are often asked to explain.

‘Significant harm’ - Means harm to your child, which is serious and can be avoided.

‘City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership (CYSCP)’ - A committee of senior managers from organisations dealing with children in your area, e.g. schools, social services, health and police. The purpose of the CYSCP is to make sure all those organisations cooperate to protect children.

‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ - The government child protection guidance for social workers, teachers, police and others working to protect children.

‘Core Group’ - A group of people including parents or carers who work with your child if they are subject to a Child Protection Plan.

'Child Protection Plan' - a plan making sure that  everyone works together reduce the risk of harm to your child

‘Child Protection Review Conference’ - A similar meeting to the child protection conference, which reviews the progress of children who are subject to Child Protection Plans 

‘Key Worker’ - The social worker responsible for your child, if their name is placed on the Child Protection Register.

‘Sexual abuse’ - When children are forced or persuaded into sexual acts or situations by others including being encouraged to look at pornography or sexually harassed.

‘Physical abuse’ - When children are hurt or injured, including being hit, kicked, beaten with objects, thrown or shaken. 

‘Emotional abuse’ - When children are not given love, approval or acceptance, including being constantly criticised, blamed, sworn and shouted at or rejected by their parents or carers.

‘Neglect’ - When parents or carers do not provide the food, warmth, shelter, clothing, care, and protection a child needs.