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Learning and development

Multi-agency training

See further information about our safeguarding training courses and e-learning.

All practitioners and volunteers working with children, young people and their families and carers should keep up to date with relevant safeguarding training.

We've developed a CYSCP Multi-Agency Training Brochure showing which courses are available and which training is right for your role. This also contains training which is offered by our partner organisations which may be relevant for you.

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We offer an online virtual ‘City of York Safeguarding Children Awareness E-learning’ course.

If you are new to working with children and young people then we offer online virtual multi-agency training. This is called the City of York Safeguarding Children Awareness E-learning. This course can be taken as and when suits you as you work through the various modules online.

This online training package is aimed at individuals in organisations and voluntary groups who work with children and young people to give basic awareness of child protection issues and how to safeguard children from abuse.

The cost of the course is £15 per person. This includes all schools and education settings, all early years providers, voluntary sector, private organisations and members of the public.

Please note that once the course has been paid for there is no mechanism for refunds.

The following organisations, and departments within those organisations, are able to access the course free of charge. Email [email protected] to access the course for free.

Local Authority (City of York Council):

  • Children's Social Care
  • Foster Carers
  • Education and Skills
  • Healthy Child Service
  • Housing
  • Sports and Leisure
  • Adult Social Care
  • Youth Justice Service

North Yorkshire Police:

  • All Departments

Health Organisations:

  • York and Scarborough Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • North Yorkshire and York Integrated Care Board
  • Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust
  • Primary Care

Accessing the course

The course is available to access on the CYSCP e-learning platform.

When registering on the e-learning platform, each person wanting to register on the platform and take this course must do so with an individual email address.

Once you have passed the course, you will be able to access a certificate which indicates you have completed the course. This is a certificate of completion, not a certificate of qualification.

Temporary Staff

Any staff who are employed via Work with York, Work with Yorkshire and Work with Schools can access training via Work with York.

Please contact Work with York for further information.

Paying for the course

Payments for the course can only be made using a personal payments card via Stripe.

If any school is unable to make a card payment for this course, please contact York Education Service by emailing: [email protected].

Learning objectives:

After completing the course you will be able to:

  • identify the signs and indicators of possible abuse and neglect
  • explain and demonstrate what to do if:
    • a child or young person makes a disclosure to you
    • you have a concern about a child or young person or about someone who works with children and young people
  • explain how to make a referral to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in York

Course content advice

Please be aware that this course covers themes which some people may find upsetting. If you are undertaking this course or you are a manager asking an employee or volunteer to undertake this course, you may wish to consider in advance what sources of support are available if you or your staff should find themselves affected by the content.

Sources of support could include your manager, a colleague, support services within your organisation or specialist organisations such as:

Also remember the course does not have to be completed in one sitting, as progress is saved each time and undertaking it in stages maybe more manageable.

Tips for completing the e-learning

  • you can take the course on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet
  • the course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete
  • you will need to view and click on all the interactive content, and answer all the questions within a section before you can move on to the next section
  • you can exit the course at any time and it will save your progress
  • there is a knowledge test at the end of the course which you need to pass; you can resubmit your answers more than once

Repeating the course

It is recommended you repeat this course every 3 years or earlier if needed.

The course content will be updated as necessary to take account of local and national policy changes.

Further training

Depending on your role, this may be the only level of training you need, although some people will need further training.

See further details of multi-agency training courses which we provide.

Accessibility Statement

See the CYSCP accessibility statement for the e-learning package.

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The following courses are available for practitioners and volunteers working regularly with children and young people directly or indirectly, in York.

We host a variety of multi-agency training courses throughout the year. These include the following courses:

  • Safeguarding Children: Working Together A
  • Safeguarding Children: Shared responsibilities and procedures - Working Together B
  • Developing and understanding of Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  • Understanding Domestic Abuse and Children
  • Child Death Review Training
  • Whole System Approach to Addressing Abusive Behaviours - ‘Hard to Help’ training

Please note: the CYSCP ‘City of York Safeguarding Children Awareness E-learning’ course must be completed prior to taking the Safeguarding Children A and/or B courses.

Further information including dates and how to book on is available on the multi-agency training courses webpage.

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We produce narrated PowerPoint presentations to enable practitioners to access learning as and when they need to.

They can be found on the CYSCP e-learning platform.

CYSCP Private Fostering

This short training video provides an introduction to private fostering and by the end of the course, the practitioner should be able to:

  • recognise private fostering arrangements
  • understand why private fostering arrangements can present a safeguarding risk
  • describe what to do if you become aware of a private fostering arrangement

CYSCP Capturing the Lived Experience of Pre-verbal Children

This short training video provides an introduction to the CYSCP PRESENT Practice Guidance and Tool and by the end of the course the practitioner should be able to:

  • understand what we mean by ‘the voice of the child’
  • understand how we can interpret observations to provide the voice of the child
  • understand how to use the PRESENT Tool to capture the lived experience of pre-verbal children

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Our multi-agency partners provide free e-learning on safeguarding topics. City of York Safeguarding Children Partnership does not host, endorse or have any responsibility for these external courses.

These are accessible from the multi-agency online training page.

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The City of York and North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Partnerships, Community Safety Partnerships and Safeguarding Adult Boards, have produced a Safeguarding Training Directory which details all courses presently available to partner organisations.

When opened, you can filter the spreadsheet through your sector of business and by role type to identify the courses which are appropriate to your role. This will also identify if the course is free or paid, face to face or virtual/online/e-learning, how to book a place on the course and who provides the course. The spreadsheet also identifies the priority of training, such as mandatory, recommended or optional dependent on role.

Please note the above Safeguarding Training Directory only covers courses regarding Safeguarding Courses.

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The CYSCP Training, Learning and Development Strategy sets out how CYSCP delivers and evaluates training and learning.

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We also disseminate learning from serious case reviews and audits.

See CYSCP learning and development.

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