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CYSCP Documents and Resources

Our CYSCP documents and resources provide information and guidance for professionals to support working with children and young people.

A professional is anyone who works with children, young people and families in York, in a paid or unpaid role, in any type of organisation.

Professionals that are or may be involved in the protection of children need to have a working knowledge of these documents and refer to relevant sections as required.

The documents and resources section is designed to help you keep up to date with developments in safeguarding practice and provides information across a range of issues and how to respond to them. A key part of this section sets out safeguarding policies and procedures that support effective multi-agency working.

Local protocols are guidance and procedures which all professionals in York should follow to support their work with children and young people.

The CYSCP multi-agency strategies, practice guidance and procedures have been developed as a framework for services working in child safeguarding within the City of York. They are multi-agency and reflect current legislation, accepted best practice and comply with the government guidance: Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023.

We've also produced multi-agency One Minute Guides. These short documents are designed to help professionals look up a specific topic quickly and easily and find out the key relevant information you will need. We understand professionals are busy and these are designed to help you with those topics you may not frequently come across and access the information you will need easily.

The CYSCP multi-agency Tools are designed to help you as professionals when making assessments and include useful tips to consider. There are tools available on a variety of topics.

Across the partnership, there is the need often as professionals to refer to other services and the required forms are all in one place to enable you to make those referrals to other services.

It is also important as a multi-agency partnership we capture learning from practice and professionals are able to benefit from the learning we gain from regularly carrying out case reviews and/or audits. The CYSCP therefore regularly produce 7 point briefings to share with professionals which captures that learning.

Further learning and development information and further details of multi-agency training is available on our learning and development page.