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Early Help and safeguarding

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Every single person who comes into contact with children and families has a role to play.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2023, usually referred to as just "Working Together", is statutory guidance produced by the government which outlines how practitioners working with children, young people and families should work together in order to ensure that children and young people remain safe from harm.

The aim of Working Together to Safeguard Children is to:

  • protect children from maltreatment
  • prevent impairment of children's health or development
  • ensure that children grow up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
  • take action to enable all children to have the best outcomes

Early Help provides support at a time of need in a child or young person’s life and support can be given at any point including transition into becoming an adult.

Our child protection procedures aim to support safeguarding practice and provide a consistent approach to safeguarding children and young people.